First off I don’t believe in abortion but I do believe it should be kept legal. It is possible to feel this way.

Second, if 53 million abortions (approximately from 1973 to 2011 according to my research) have been performed in those years, the U.S. population would be around 380 million instead of 327 million.

But wait, out of those 53 million about half would have been girls or 26.5 million. At a birthrate of almost two births per female there would be another 53 million.

It’s just a guess but that would bring the U.S. population to about/at least 433 million. We already have people who should probably never should have had children and did but to add another 106 million to that number?

Let me put my thoughts this way: You think the country is a mess now, just pile another 106 million or so on top of it.

By the way, my research show roughly 21 percent of the population is on some sort of government assistance and 21 percent of 433 million is 91 million.

Third, fix the ills of society, then you can whine about abortions being wrong. Until you do, stop letting your insecurity and feelings of being an emasculated male dictate what is right or wrong with a woman’s right to choose.



Submitted to Virtual Newsroom


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