PPL customers deserve the full story

In his recent column, PPL President Greg Dudkin did readers a disservice when he failed to mention that PPL customers will pay more for electricity if the state Legislature does not pass House Bill 11 — known as the Keep Powering Pennsylvania Act — than they will if it becomes law. The bill clearly shows that fixing Pennsylvania’s broken energy policy to fairly value nuclear power’s zero-emission electricity will save Pennsylvania’s electricity customers $788 million annually. In PPL’s case, average residential rates will go up by nearly $2.40 per month without the bill, but only about $1.75 per month with the bill. We feel PPL customers deserve the full story. Legislators have been studying this issue for more than two years through the bi-partisan Nuclear Energy Caucus. Six hearings have been held and the legislators have heard from experts in a variety of areas. Now is the time to act and save customers money on their electric bills while at the same time preserving Pennsylvania’s leading source of carbon-free electricity. If you want lower rates, cleaner air, and a thriving industry that supports thousands of jobs, then urge your legislators to support HB11.

(Aaron is with the statewide coalition, Nuclear Powers Pennsylvania based in Harrisburg.)

Steve Aaron