Sense of humor

What I like about New York newspapers is their sense of humor. The March 26 edition of the “New York Post” has to be a collector’s copy. In a take-off of basketball’s March Madness, the “Post” on that day’s front page headlined “Mueller Madness.”

The paper’s question was, “Who got it the most wrong?” It featured some of the most outspoken members of cable media, print media, the networks and the Twitter rats. These were the elite and who’s who of the hate Trump gang. The Post wanted its readers to pick the winner of Mueller Madness and tell them why. Why didn’t Robert Mueller provide a report that said President Trump colluded with the Russians in the 2016 election?

The New York papers used to refer to former New York City crime boss, John Gotti, as the “Teflon Don.” I’m inclined to believe that the “Teflon Don” now resides in the White House.

Hugh E. McGee