Flat landfill fee seems unfair

For years I have looked at the Lycoming County landfill as a resource for disposing of difficult items to dispose of through my garbage collector. All homeowners should know how to dispose of those items that should not be simply poured down the drain but rather taken to a place where they can be safely and properly disposed of. If you have old televisions or computer monitors, or other electronics, they have a place where you can put them. Any time I’ve had questions at all concerning waste, I have always called and gotten the necessary information.

However, a week ago I took two garbage can-sized containers full of old two by fours and other remodeling scraps and a convertible-sized trunk full of broken dry wall to the landfill and was charged a flat $20 fee. I know based on past visits I did not drop off anywhere near $20 worth of refuse. If I owned a pickup truck, then I could have waited until my project was done and gotten rid of it all in one trip for the same price. As it is now, I’m going to have to hold on to it all and gradually put it out for the garbage man to pick up and I doubt he’s going to be thrilled about loading up bagged pieces of dry wall and fiberglass insulation.

I believe having a flat fee like this seems pretty unfair to local homeowners who only occasionally have a small amount of trash of this nature to dispose of and in the long run encourage others to just find a place in the woods to just dump stuff indiscriminately. Shame on the Lycoming County landfill for squeezing homeowners like this.

Michael D. Irvine