Global Warming Enthusiasts

Most of the writers who are doomsday global warming enthusiasts have not yet mastered the basic difference between climate change, which is a naturally occurring event, and anthropogenic (man-made) climate change, which has yet to be proven with any empirical evidence. They say that “most people believe in climate change,” which is true, but they report it as if most people believe in anthropogenic climate change, which is not true. Not one of them can point to evidence that we are in anything other than a normal climate cycle. Yet we have been in a 12-year-to-destruction mode since I was a teenager in the 1970s. None of their doomsday predictions have ever come to pass. You’d think that they would give up. But, no, they just keep doubling down on their stupidity and nonsense.

Mike Kerstetter


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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