The attack media

Immediately after announcing The Privileged Planet documentary would be shown at the Smithsonian in 2005, the secular media went into full-fledged attack mode. The New York Times claimed the intent of the film was to undermine evolution, but the film had nothing do with evolution. Besides, is evolution a god requiring worship?

The media claimed the Smithsonian was bowing to religious fundamentalists. Academic communities were told to not watch the film. The pro-evolution community bombarded the Smithsonian with complaints by phone calls, letters, and e-mails.

The protests caused the museum’s director to issue a statement saying the film was inconsistent with the mission of the Smithsonian’s scientific research. Though the film was shown due to a signed contract, the controversy resulted in the Smithsonian instituting new policies to ban anything that shows any evidence of supporting a belief in God. None of this fanaticism was based on scientific evidence presented in the film.

Internet search engines are mainly organized by secularists. The internet is full of opinionated articles lacking evidence, mainly from Secularists. Though, purported Christians also write articles to attack Christians due to jealousy or profit motives. There is so much garbage on the internet so that many people unwilling to do careful research are mislead.

Ted Mahaffey


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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