The Biggest American Lie

We’re living in a time of endless public lies. If public officials aren’t caught lying, they’re accused of lying. If those accusations don’t stick, the officials are accused of lying about their lying. And if those accusations don’t produce immediate resignations, a special counsel is called to investigate their detection-proof lies.

And now we have unfolding before our eyes a conspiracy of lies about the presidency which so much of the national media have been propagating 24/7 for over two years: “Trump colluded with the Russians!” Mr. Mueller’s report puts the kibosh on that.

Yet the biggest lie in America isn’t being perpetrated by secret Washington operatives and their conspiratorial media. Instead, it’s spread all across the country every day and with the best of intentions by loving parents, diligent teachers, and conscientious ministers. Most don’t know they’re facilitating a fraud — that America is a democracy.

America is a Republic. Think of the “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” How about the Pledge of Allegiance “to the Republic for which it stands.”

Some think democracy and republic mean the same thing, so it doesn’t really matter. They think since we are a democracy, then Clinton won the presidency by winning the popular vote.

In our republic, the 50 states in the Union of states called the United States elect the president. The people vote for their state electors, and then the states through their electors choose the president. Trump won the Electoral College, therefore he won the presidency of our Republic. Period! Notice how Democrats now want to abolish the Electoral College?

Furthermore it’s a lie that Clinton won the popular vote. She only won 48 percent of the vote to Trump’s 46 percent. Even Democrats know that is not a majority. She won nothing and therefore nothing was stolen from her.

America didn’t become great with lies and evasion, but with forthrightness and grit. And America will stay great only with the same national honesty and fond fortitude. See you at the polls!

Robert Jacques and James Stuchell


Submitted by email


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