A tax on trade

The looney left is all upset about Trump’s tariffs. They are complaining about how these tariffs raise prices on consumers. Isn’t it ironic how leftists can see that tariffs increase the price of foreign produced goods, but they can’t comprehend how corporate taxes increase the price of domestic goods.

They also don’t get that those corporate taxes also harm U.S. businesses’ ability to compete overseas and that is compounded by the tariffs that many countries have on U.S. products.

For decades the combination of taxes on our own business and no taxes on foreign products has forced American manufacturing, and therefore jobs, overseas.

I agree that tariffs are terrible things, but to unilaterally disarm ourselves in trade matters is just as harmful to the country as it would be to unilaterally disarm militarily. Either one would mean the end of our country.

Trump is using tariffs as a defensive weapon, while the rest of the world is using them as offensive weapons. If we just drop our weapons, do you think the rest of the world will do the same? The fact that they have been using tariffs against us for decades argues against that hope.

I don’t like tariffs just as I don’t like many other taxes, but if that’s what it takes to force other countries to institute free trade practices, then that is what we should do. I’m all for free trade, free markets, free people and just plain freedom, but free trade is not a one-way street.

Other countries will not get rid of their tariffs just to create free trade because they don’t want free trade. If we want free and fair trade, we will need to force them into eliminating trade barriers. It may cause a little pain getting there, but the destination is well worth it.

Paul Rinker


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom