Book Mobile provides essential service

I have been reminded that the James V. Brown Library needs a new Book Mobile. The old one is getting tired and the parts are almost impossible to get.

You know, ever since I learned to read, I have gone to a library to get books. My mother took me everywhere we lived and I continued to go to the library whenever I moved. Books have opened a whole world for me. I have learned about other countries, people, animals, our government and so many other things through books. They are so important.

Today, things are not so easy for me getting around so when the Book Mobile comes to my home, I am so thankful as I can continue to read the books I like. The library has so many projects going and sometimes we don’t pay attention to them. We should. And then go take advantage of what is offered.

It is summer now and while the kids can run free, we should herd them into the library to open up their worlds. Keep them learning.

The elderly need the Book Mobile which allows us to get books and videos to watch so we can enhance our lives. I urge everyone to offer a donation for the new Book Mobile.

Gretchen H. Kennedy