God’s hiding places

A secularist declared the only place left for God to hide is the moment before the universe began to exist. Since all space, matter, energy, and time come into existence at this moment, it is a good hiding place. The appearance of something from nothing requires a cause. The beginning of time necessitates a cause by an eternal being not subject to the limitation of the time dimension.

Other hiding places for God are at every stage of development of macro-evolution and the origin of life. There is no naturalistic explanation for the origin of life because the existence of the simplest living cell requires all its parts are present and in the right order at the same time. It could not evolve through gradual steps from non-living matter.

Scientists spent almost 15 years and $40 million just to alter an existing living cell. After seeing the time, precise engineering, and investment involved in altering an existing cell, why can’t scientists admit the impossibility of life originating by the random chance, non-living matter scenario?

Secularists say the “god of the gaps” argument is used so God can be invoked to fill the gaps in scientific knowledge. But the real proponents of gaps, I believe, are the secularists because they can forever say these gaps will eventually be filled with scientific knowledge. This phony “god of the gaps” argument allows secular scientists to perpetually avoid making rational deductions based on the evidence and justify their fixed secular worldviews. Scientific inquiry is limited to the confines of methodological naturalism, which allows only naturalistic explanations. By not allowing the option of supernatural explanations, secular scientists are forced to ascribe naturalistic explanations even when no naturalistic explanations are plausible. Methodological naturalism will never explain the origin of the universe and the origin of life.

Ted Mahaffey


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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