Local government welfare

On Page A1 of the May 24 Sun-Gazette, there were two articles about local government seeking federal money for projects. One article covered the hiring of a firm to submit a grant for the levee repair on behalf of the City of Williamsport. The other article covered the extension of a contract of a lobbying firm to assist in locating federal money for a rehabilitation of Heller Dam, on behalf of the Williamsport Municipal Water and Sanitary Authority.

Turning a couple pages to the Editorial Page, there was a good opinion piece by Larry Elder about federalism, and how federal spending on infrastructure encourages irresponsibility by state and local governments. This piece mentions the California bullet train project.

How is it that we feel pleased when funding is cut for the project in California, while we feel a sense of relief when we get the money for our own projects?

Local government is no better than people who work the welfare system to get free stuff.

Fred Johnson


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom