A few years ago, my wife and I took a week-long bicycle trip through Normandy, France. The highlight of the trip was the experience of touring the various WWII memorials, beaches, Point du Hoc, and museums. But what stood out the most for me was the truly moving experience of walking the grounds of the American Cemetery above Omaha Beach in Colleville-sur-Mer. Over 9,000 Americans are buried here. Just approaching the site and seeing what lays before you, one becomes filled with many emotions, the strongest of which was pride of being an American and grasping the sacrifice those buried here made. Walking the grounds, your mind really filters out everything but the history that lays before you.

Except if you are Donald Trump. With the backdrop of the American Cemetery behind him, Trump, in an interview with Fox, chose to demean Special Counsel Robert Mueller and others. Referring to Mueller as a fool. A former Marine captain who was awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star for valor while serving in Vietnam. What kind of person, let alone President, would use the D-Day ceremonial time and location to criticize a former war veteran and public servant.

D-Day ceremonies are solemn occasions. Respect all those who have served. Leave the politics at home. But Trump (and Fox) were unable to rise up to that. Basic respect and dignity are beyond Trump’s grasp.

John Young


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom