Racism? Or good neighbor?

What is it called when the police enforce complaints that may have been racially motivated? I was asleep in Muncy in the early evening when I was awakened by someone yelling profanities and racial slurs. I went outside to see a guy in his porch, two houses down on the opposite side of the street, yelling and screaming at my neighbors. They were sitting out front playing music and enjoying the weather. The are black and very nice. I did not hear their music and I was immediately next door. The loud neighbor went inside at this point and texted the police. As the police responded, the loud neighbor sat in his darkened house peaking out the windows. No citations were made, but my neighbors were informed that they may not congregate on their lawn if it disturbs the community … No other neighbors complained. They were also told that if the guy texts or calls again, the officer would fine my neighbors. I asked the officer what he was gonna do about the profanity and racial slurs I heard, and he said “nothing” as he wasn’t here and he didn’t hear it.

So, what is it called? If you are not racially acceptable in your community, you can’t come outside? And you have no rights when being racially abused from 200 feet down the street? Personally I think the officer should have knocked on the guy’s door and had a conversation about the text and what I believe was racial intimidation. And by the way, I’m white and this affected me. Great neighbor, hiding in his house when the cops came.

Jay Ness


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom