Tell me why

I have a few questions for Democratic supporters. Tell me why:

• Your party supports the murder of unborn children, yet when a pregnant woman is killed, it is prosecuted as a double homicide? (Abortion is murder, not healthcare).

• You support the denial of Second Amendment rights to law-abiding citizens, yet politicians protected by armed security is acceptable?

• You rail against gun violence, yet do not provide adequate funding for mental health issues?

• You support open borders allowing illegal invasion of our country, providing government assistance, yet fail to assist homeless Americans, especially veterans?

• You support those who would erase history, yet fail to realize that in doing so, some less than positive historical events are destined to be repeated. When some never-do-wells who sully counter demonstrations, your party denies that there can be good people on both sides, not just those representing your way of thinking? (You fail to remember that the KKK was founded by Democrats). Are you also saying that there were not good people on the Southern side of the Civil War? They also were Americans, most likely (former) Democrats! You cannot erase history!

• Your party initiated and supported a costly Mueller report expecting proof of presidential misdeeds, yet when it was proven otherwise, refused to accept the results? Seriously!

Mel Benjamin


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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