Trust and faith in Trump’s strategy

President Trump recently took a decisive stand for American workers when he took on China during trade talks. Previous administrations didn’t do enough to stop China’s abuse of trade agreements. I’m happy we finally have a president bold enough to put America first as it relates to trade.

One of the tools Trump is employing with China is tariffs. Tariffs are fees importers of foreign products pay. Concerns have been raised that these tariffs will have a negative impact on Pennsylvania’s economy. I can understand the concern on tariffs, but the majority of the American people are behind Trump as he stands up to China. They are willing to take on short-term burdens if it means China’s abuses finally come to an end. While I concede people might become less supportive if short-term burdens become long-term burdens, I believe the President understands that and won’t risk losing that support.

President Trump is doing what far too many previous presidents have been afraid to do: demand fair treatment from our trade partners. I trust what he is doing and have faith that this strategy will bring a quick resolution so tariffs can ultimately be lifted.

Richard Harris



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