American concerns

Mrs. Clinton wants to allow and protect the illegal immigrants, while the United States has a large homeless population, especially in the Los Angeles California area.

When I lived there over 20 years ago, the homeless population was large then. Many had addiction problems as well as with life; at least that was what I learned from the few I spoke to.

Not living there anymore, I cannot understand why we the people put up with such representatives, or those wanting to be elected or reelected, but who offer little or next to nothing for the citizens of this great nation, especially the homeless where some are veterans.

We have rules and laws to adhere to and as an adult, who children will copy, we must follow all of them. I often write or ask for others to join me in protesting outdated laws or against those who disrespect this gift from God, the United States of America.

Okay, I hear it now, “You are a bigot and refuse immigrants coming into our country!” However, those believing that are so wrong. I am not nor have I ever been against immigrants coming to my country. What I am against is those who disrespect the United States and will not honor the laws of entry like so many immigrants have done who now live here; including my grandmother who came here from Dusseldorf, Germany, with her parents. They had to wait at Ellis Island before being allowed to enter this nation.

We must return to those rules for immigrants to follow and not allow them entry. The wall needs to be built, I believe. This will make it difficult for those trying to enter this nation illegally.

Ida Temple


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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