Censoring a celebration

I anxiously awaited the national Independence Day celebration from Washington, D.C, this evening, only to find that our three main news organizations conspired to censor this celebration. They claimed that this celebration was just a campaign opportunity for President Trump. Their censorship of this event puts them on the same level as the government-run news of any dictatorship or communist country in the world. The treatment of President Trump since he was elected to that office has been a travesty. The only thing that is causing this is your unwillingness to admit you were wrong in your pre-election polling.

I had learned in grade school that “the pen is mightier than the sword” but I also remember some years back when a paper in England printed a cartoon ridiculing Mohammed. The Muslims showed them this wasn’t true.

Your attacks are placing us in a position for a civil war, in my opinion. Do you and the Democrats now think this will get them control of the country?

Ray Hartman

Old Lycoming Township

Submitted via email