Jersey Shore Area School District

This is in response to a letter writer who has chosen to educate his children by homeschooling and is expected to pay for the education of other children, when he does not use the Jersey Shore Area School District (JSASD) system, but his taxes are continually raised because the district cannot manage their budget.

I certainly understand where he is coming from, so let’s take this one step further. I am retired and paid taxes before and after my daughter graduated from this school district. Why should a retired person be expected to continue to pay for other children to attend school when we have contributed our share while we were working and had a child in the district?

My daughter spent 10 years in college/universities to obtain her doctorate. I did not expect others to pay for her education, it was my responsibility. It is called planning, proper money management and knowing your limits.

Irresponsible planning and money management over many years, I believe, has created a tremendous debt in JSASD. Unfortunately the school board and others just do not seem to be able to think outside the box. Raising taxes, cutting curriculums and selling perfectly solid schools is only a bandage to fix this problem when proper business management is never instituted. Unless you have business-minded people who have actually built a prosperous business and have a wealth of knowledge on how to solve problems and are willing to serve on the school board, the problem will continue.

Who is this hurting the most? The students. This has created overcrowded classes, done away with life skills curriculums that many students today not planning on going to college will need. It has created a situation that JSASD no longer has the quality education which it was previously noted for.

Sometimes it takes drastic measures to achieve a goal but unless everyone is willing to try by instituting cuts to pay raises, higher contributions from faculty for pensions and medical benefits and a freeze on pay increases for those in executive positions, the debt will never go down. This would help to alleviate a large amount of the debt. Why are these issues never considered? It is almost like a forbidden area of consideration. Why penalize the students when there are other avenues to explore?

The motivated will survive and succeed as did my daughter, but others will graduate without anything but basic skills. Is it any wonder that parents are choosing other avenues of educating their children?

Karen Dingler

Jersey Shore