PA governor and public sector unions

The salary increases for most state workers will increase “by at least 16 percent in the new state four-year contract and are significantly higher than the previous three-year contract,” said Nate Benefield of the Commonwealth Foundation. “The new contract is a clear sign that union leaders negotiating in secret with a governor to whom they donated more than $4.6 million (in campaign contributions) is a bad deal for taxpayers.” At present, state employee contracts do not require legislative approval. Besides those general pay increases, most employees will see additional “step” increases that average about 2.25 percent for their movement up the state’s seniority stepladder. This cumulative increase would be 16.75 percent for workers who are not already at the top of the union’s 20-step salary scale. So it’s strictly between the governor and the union negotiators with no input from our legislative representatives. So in light of union $4.6 million contributions, it begs the question of who is truly representing the PA taxpayers in these negotiations when the unions offer, I believe, substantial bribes on their own behalf. Support for reforms that would bring greater transparency and legislative oversight to the collective bargaining process are badly needed. At present, state employee contracts do not require legislative approval. This also begs the question of the purpose of public sector unions in light of them being able to contribute (bribe) to gubernatorial political campaigns? As presently structured, their purpose is to bilk the taxpayers and gain greater political power for their agenda.

Romuald Andraka

Trout Run

Submitted via Virtual Newsroom