Responding to a letter

Responding to a recent letter, I would like to make the following comments:

• There are alternatives to murdering an innocent being. Perhaps a childless relative unable to have children of her own would be more than happy to have a child to raise and nurture, or there is legal adoption whereas the child could be placed in a loving home. As I said in previous correspondence, abortion is murder, not health care! The only exception would be if the mother’s life was in imminent danger of death, and that all other means and methods have been exhausted to the extent that no other solution was available or viable.

• The gun issue is quite another matter that the liberal socialist left is confused about. I have seen a loaded gun sit on a table for weeks on end without harming a single person. It just sits there minding its own business but is ready at the first sign of trouble. The issue of the harmed children would be better addressed by reinstating the mental treatment centers and placing those who need the help in the hands of qualified mental health personnel, keeping them out of the public domain until such time that they have been judged to be mentally stable. You fail to realize that it is the “nut behind the gun” that is the culprit and not the weapon itself, no matter what kind. If banning guns is the solution, then autos, hammers, knives, rocks, and a plethora of others that have a history of being used improperly should also be banned.

• I believe that asylum requests are being abused. Just because these people are poor, they seem to think that they have a right to gain unchecked entry into our country and seek citizenship. They know that when they are here that they will receive many free benefits regardless of their ability to pay. We have many poor of our own in this country that are in dire straits and are not receiving the benefits that are being offered to these illegal entrants. If Obama did indeed deport many illegals, why then is it improper for Trump to do the same?

• So, there were no good people in the South during the conflict and many were only fools. What a sick minded statement that is. The Southern men who were fighting were fighting to save their way of life. Most were common people and farmers just wishing to keep what they had. Yes, slavery was an issue, but most of the combatants were just angry that their way of life was in jeopardy. Many of the Northern elite were also slave owners, but you failed to mention that!

• I have not read the Mueller report, nor have I relied on the Justice Department’s announcement. I believe that Mueller was biased, and is a Republican in name only. He surrounded himself with liberal Democratic, Hillary-supporting lawyers. Two FBI agents (Peter Strzok and Lisa Page) exchanged emails indicating that they would do anything to ensure that Trump never became President! I guess they failed. The “deep state” methods went much further than those incidents. I suppose that you believe that the tarmac meeting between AG Lynch and Bill Clinton was an innocent coincidence and that they sat discussing the weather and their grandchildren over tea and crumpets. If you believe that, I have some ocean front property to sell in Arizona. Would you be interested? Even Obama was complicit in the attempt to undermine Trump. His allies included FBI agents Comey and McCabe who worked against Trump’s campaign. If anyone needs to be investigated for collusion it would be Hillary and the Democratic National Committee who spent money for a false Steele Dossier with allegations of misconduct and conspiracy between Trump’s presidential campaign and the Russian Government during the 2016 campaign. So, the collusion aspect was based on false information and will come back to bite the Democrats in the back side.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom