Sadly, it is ‘unbelievable’

In a recent letter about those 3,000 American citizens who lost their lives after the national tragedy of 9/11/01, the writer says we “now have Muslims in Congress who he believes hate the President, Israel and America.” He asked that we “Wake up America!” I have real difficulty accepting a position that brands all Muslims — a quarter of the world’s population — as responsible for 9/11 with one broad brush. Perhaps if we accepted his (sad) philosophy, we’d have no Germans, Italians, British, Civil War state residents or any other Judeo-Christian members in our Congress along with the Japanese either. The bedrock of our country is built on a religious freedom principle. A person’s religious beliefs have no place in a civilized discussion of our political governance. I agree with the writer: Wake up America … Our plurality is our strength.

John Delaney


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom