A Bad Taste

A recent letter writer told us that socialism comes in many flavors. What he means by that is that he gets to decide what he wants socialism to mean. Unfortunately for him and other blissfully clueless leftists, socialism means only one thing and that thing is totalitarianism.

He would have been more accurate to say that socialism comes in many disguises. It also goes by many names: communism, fascism, and even capitalism. In the latter, government seizes more and more control through tax policy and regulation, until only the guise of private ownership and illusion of free markets exists. That’s where our country has been headed for many years.

All the complaints socialists have about capitalism are a result of these socialist changes to our free market system, but they don’t see it because it’s still called capitalism.

They have failed to see that the more government regulates, the bigger corporations grow and the larger the income inequality gets. They blame all this on the free market even as the market becomes less free by the day, and the problems they whine about get worse.

You would think that anyone with even half a brain couldn’t help but see the connection, but then refusing to use any of your brain seems to do the trick.

Government control is the problem and freedom, the solution. Our founders knew this and created a country where personal liberty was the defining virtue and that country became the most prosperous and powerful country in the history of the world. But as the most powerful country, rather than colonizing the rest of the world as previous powers did, this country stood as an example of freedom to the rest of the world.

As the leftists take over, all of that is slipping away. Our standing in the world is declining and we are increasingly forcing our will on others rather than helping them to see the better way.

No, socialism does not come in many flavors, but its poison acts in many ways to kill a country and destroy its people, in my opinion. Only the governing elite benefit from it.

Paul Rinker


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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