Friday afternoon live

I went online Friday, Aug. 2, to check the news. Breaking was (real news, not fake) that President Trump’s candidate for National Intelligence chief, John Ratcliffe, was no longer under consideration for the post. The nomination lasted barely a week. Though loathe to admit it, Trump only nominated Radcliffe for the job based on the “performance” by which Radcliffe attacked Robert Mueller during Congressional hearings. Trump caught Radcliffe’s Mueller attacks on TV. Thought it was a beautiful thing. So, he decides to award him a cabinet-level position. It took a week for Trump to grasp that Radcliffe was unqualified for the post (as several Republican senators had to convince him). And then Trump embarked on a long winding story blaming the media for it all coming apart.

There’s a surprise.

When I read the story, I thought to myself, “Trump, what a tool.” You might ask, what does that phrase mean? Per the Urban Dictionary, it means “someone whose ego FAR exceeds his talent, intelligence, and likeability.” But, of course, he is clueless regarding that fact, in my opinion. He erroneously thinks he is “the man.”

It is laughable and sad at the same time.

John Young


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom