Killer gun laws

Well here we are, not 24 hours from one horrendous mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, and we have another one in Ohio. May God Bless all those victims and their families. What does the mainstream media do? They start pushing the gun ban again instead of addressing the real problems that are at the root to all of this.

I watched a television news anchor interviewing a state official in Texas by telephone and she kept trying to get this guy to basically agree with her about the gun owner issue but she wasn’t too successful. To the gentleman’s credit, he politely disagreed with her and in fact stated the truth, if there had been any one there that was legally permitted to carry a firearm, maybe the shooter could have been stopped a lot quicker.

The shooting at that Walmart in El Paso, Texas was what is called a “soft target” because it was designated as a “gun free zone.” In my own opinion, when they have areas like that, they might as well put up a huge billboard with the words: “Hey all you sickos and other terrorist nuts, come here and shoot up all of our customers.”

If they want to stop all of these crazy shootings, then stop trying to disarm the law-abiding citizens regardless of what kind of guns they may own. The issue isn’t whether or not the perpetrator had a semi-automatic, a six shooter revolver or a pea shooter. It is the person behind the gun and what is going on in his demented head.

What every politician and citizen should do is take a few minutes to reflect on this:

We did not have this problem back in the 1950s, 60s, or even the 70s, not like this.

So ask yourselves, What did we as a nation have then that we do not have now? While you are at it, also ask: What do we not have now that we did have back then?

Do a deep search, think about the absence of religion in the schools, the video games and other types of entertainment, the political scene, accountability and discipline.

The minds of our young people have been corrupted for many, many years and now they’re adults and, in my opinion, are walking time bombs.

Wake up America, the more gun laws and restrictions that the gun grabbers make, the more people are going to get shot. Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, etc.

George Lockett


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom