Let’s NOT go to war!

Why not? It’s because we can’t trust our government to tell us the truth about why we should go to war.

The Johnson Administration used an “alleged” incident in the Gulf of Tonkin to get us into the Vietnam War. We learned too late that incident never happened, and even when President Johnson and Defense Secretary Robert McNamara knew that the war couldn’t be won, they continued to draft young men and send them to Vietnam to die.

The Nixon Administration denied sending troops to Cambodia during the Vietnam War, but we learned later that was a lie. More than 58,000 Americans died for nothing in that war.

The George W. Bush Administration told us that we needed to invade Iraq because Sadam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, which he knew wasn’t true. We killed more than 288,000 Iraqis, and we lost nearly 4,500 Americans in Iraq.

Should we trust the Trump Administration to tell us the truth about a possible war with oil-rich Iran or Venezuela? No! War is good for businesses and it got George W. Bush re-elected, but let’s NOT go to war

David L. Faust



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