How pure does the government want the U.S. citizen to be?

Are we the United States becoming what other nations failed to require of its citizens to become? This can be traced prior to WW II. This government wanted pure down to blonde hair and blue eyes of its citizens. Under communist before it fell, its citizens could only have pure thoughts for communism. Anyone could report one for wrong thoughts; better to report than be reported; the important concept was to become as invisible a Russian as possible. If we don’t think, talk, and conform to what we as Americans should be, will we follow China’s example and send us to reeducation camps? If it works in China, why not here?

Our past history allowed some individuals or groups to have the South remove all statues of Southern generals and reminders of the Civil War. Hypocrisy, why weren’t the North’s battles and generals of the Civil War removed? Why not go one step further and sell all battlefields and cemeteries of the Civil War? Are we becoming a nation that other governments tried and failed to have its citizen demonstrated in their daily lives — purity? Are we becoming a nation of controlled conversation and thoughts? Will we soon receive the recommended thoughts that our governments wants to instill in us? Is the U.S. government trying to homogenize the U.S. population where we all look alike, sound alike and think alike? Where does this leave all the minority groups?

John T. Kovich


Submitted via email