The author of a letter titled “The Odd Couple” which appeared in “The readers write” on July 31 once again attempts to convince the readers of his leftist views.

This time, it’s that President Trump is in love with and supports the most egregious dictators on the planet.

As any successful business person knows, if you want to negotiate a deal with an adversarial competitor, you don’t go in “guns a blazing.” Even if you’re completely opposed to their behavior, it is necessary to show a modicum of respect, so as not to embarrass them. Trump knows this and he offers up a “carrot” for the world to see. However, along with the “carrot” he gives them the “stick,” behind the scenes. The “stick” in the form of sanctions has crippled these despots without risking the lives of our Armed Forces — smart.

But because the far-left elements of the Democratic Party will do anything to regain power, they attempt to make Trump’s “carrot and stick” policy look like a negative. President Trump is dealing with belligerent countries that possess or are trying to develop nuclear weapons that can be used against America, and instead of the liberals standing with our President, they focus on trying to destroy him. It is they who are emboldening our enemies — not Trump.

Forest Gump described it best: “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Marlin D. Lilley Jr.

Cogan Station

Submitted via Virtual Newsroom