An unfair letter

This is in response to the letter about Chik-fil-A, which I found to be a very one-sided and unfair letter. They are not a pro-discrimination company. Yes, they are Christians and as such believe in loving their neighbors and following the word of God.

Several years ago there was a really bad storm in southeastern Pennsylvania where my sister lives. Cars were stuck on the highway and not able to move. When they realized what was happening, Chik-fil-A went out and offered food and drinks to all the people in those cars. A few hours later they found out these people would be stranded in their cars overnight because they could not clear the traffic due to several accidents. Chik-fil-A went out to these people and invited them into the restaurant for the night so they would have a warm building to wait out the storm. The next morning they fed everyone breakfast at no charge. They did not ask anyone who they were or what they were, just loved and cared for them as God has always asked us to do.

That letter sounds more like the writer is the one filled with hate, not Chik-fil-A. Maybe he might want to search his heart and ask why.

Pamela Rishel

South Williamsport

Submitted via email


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