Programs for children

I would like to commend the Thomas Taber Museum for its programs for children. Our children need to have an appreciation for history and be made aware that everything we have is because someone went before us and did the hard work, provided the creative energy, and developed the best way of life during their time.

We are living in a time of great change which often causes great stress for children but they should know that times of change are the times we learn the most. We all have ancestors who went through difficult times but they got us this far. Children should learn about the past as they soon will shape the future.

Telling stories is the best way for children to learn about the achievements of the past and a visit to the museum does a wonderful job of that. The museum provides an annual summer camp for elementary children and scholarships are often available. Free Saturday programs are also available at times and, of course, school and family tours are always available. We are lucky to live in an area where children can experience the adventure of the past in Lycoming County.

Patricia Damaska


Submitted via email


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