What does Pennsylvania need the most?

Pennsylvania has many needs but something it needs to do is start funding its public schools at a 50-percent level and stop diverting public money to private schools.

However, what Pennsylvania needs the most, in my opinion, is comprehensive tax reform that would include changing the state Constitution to permit a graduated income tax for funding state, county and local government, as well as for its public schools.

Pennsylvania taxation presently places too much of a burden on working-class citizens in the form of flat-rate taxes on personal income and sales, as well as earned income on workers, per capita and occupational taxes and excessive fees.

Pennsylvania also derives too much income from too many losers who are addicted to betting and purchasing lottery tickets. Property taxes on the estates and the mansions of the wealthy are fairer than most other taxes, in my view.

However, if some members of the party of the rich that now controls both chambers of the Legislature are successful, property taxes will be replaced with increases in unfair flat-rate personal income and sales taxes.

In summary, what I believe Pennsylvania needs the most is fairer taxation for working-class citizens and increased taxation on those who can and should pay more.

David L. Faust



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