First deer rifle

Several weeks ago I got a call from my 15-year-old grandson telling me that he just got his first deer rifle (he’s been carrying my .243 for five years) and wanted help to sight it in. His father doesn’t hunt so he’s been hunting with me since he was 8.

I live up the ‘Sock so I drove down to Consolidated Sportsmen’s and knocked on the door. I know the caretaker was there because her green Subaru was in the driveway. She didn’t answer the door but a sign on the wall said Country Market was selling memberships and day passes. So I drove down to the store where I was told I could not buy a day pass or a membership without a member present to sponsor me. I guess a 75-year-old grandfather with his 15-year-old grandson might pose a threat. So I left. Three more attempts by phone went unanswered and two more attempts in person failed to get a response from the caretaker when I knew she was there. Since I personally do not know an active member I called a friend who owns some land nearby and we got his rifle sighted in.

Since the incident I have had the opportunity to speak with several members. One actually told me he was embarrassed to admit that he was a member considering what’s going on there. I was told that the board of directors had decided not to hold the antique tractor show on club grounds next year and also will not let the Plunketts Creek Volunteer Fire Company hold their hayrides for kids this year. Both of these organizations raise money as nonprofits, such as the Lions clubs, and much needed revenue for our Plunketts Creek Fire Company.

My conclusion is that Consolidated Sportmen’s board of directors has totally mishandled their responsibilities and is trying to turn itself into a private club. This was once a great group, catering to the needs of our Lycoming County sportsmen. I for one would love to see a sign posted at the entrance saying, “Under New Management.” Time for some changes.

Charles Matter

Plunketts Creek


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