How much loonier?

All of those crazy Democrats running for president make statements and promises that get loonier and loonier with every speech they make. For example, they all stated that if elected they would give free medical, free education, and other benefits to any and all that illegally enter the United States. I ask all of you working Democrats who get up each morning and go to work, pay your taxes, support your families and pay for you and your loved ones’ health benefits, do you think that is fair to you? These promises and statements are true and when asked individually as well as in a group, each and every one said “yes” and held up their hands as well. On top of this, they want to stop the use and exploration of all oil, gas and coal, and if one disagrees with them, they are called racists. If that is so, then I am a racist. They now call our Founding Fathers and our flag symbols of racism. I, for one, am in awe of those who went before to establish this nation, for those who shed their blood or sacrificed their lives and placed everything they owned on the line to establish freedom. If honoring these things make me a racist, then so be it.

I am a 90-year-old veteran of the Korean War and I say, ask the people of South Korea what they think of America. My grandfather ran away when he was 15 and joined Ulysses S. Grant to serve in the Civil War to end slavery. My father and uncles were veterans of World War I. My two brothers were veterans of World War II. If that makes us racists we will gladly wear the title. I also believe in God and I am a Christian, and according to the left that also makes me a racist. I have no objection to those who want to migrate to this country, but do it in a lawful way. Leave your vows and flags of your nation at the border, and accept those of America. It seems that the far left really hates this country, and they hate Israel as well. My Bible teaches that those who curse Israel will be cursed, and those who honor them will be honored.

To all of this I say, may God bless this nation, now, as He has in the past.

Galen W. Seaman Sr.