Long-range thinking?

I read today, Sept. 12, that City Council is trying to decide whether to fix up City Hall or move. I’m wondering if the Council thought about the long-range plans and if any kind of move is cost prohibitive? If the money is put into the historical City Hall to fix it up, how long will they be able to use it and keep up repairs? Will there be enough money to keep it up? Then, if Council decides to move, will they have to pay rent? If so, how much? If not, how much will they spend and be able to change things in their new home to accommodate the many departments going in there? My concern is how much the city and county have to put out in money overall in the next 15 or 20 years? The taxpayers have had enough foolishness to pay for in the last years. Please think about this problem long and hard.

Also, I’m wondering when police are going to crack down on bike riders on the sidewalks? I know everyone knows the rules, but most don’t seem to care. I have a scooter and I do ride it in the street as the sidewalks are horrible. What happened to getting homeowners to replace them? Imagine if someone on a bike runs right into you on a broken sidewalk? What a lawsuit that can be.

Gretchen H. Kennedy