Not so bad

Here is just a snapshot of what presidential candidate Hillary Clinton showed us in the last quarter century. Having been first lady and then secretary of state, in that period she should have unequivocally showed eminence and progress to the American people, not a record of crimes, corruption and concealment. Let’s start in 1992 when her husband, “Slick Willy,” was running for president when she and her husband would not release the records of the Whitewater land deal. Her Rose Law Firm mysteriously lost her billing records for two years until they turned up in the White House residence. In 1993, she kept her “health care task force” proceedings secret from any public accountability. Couple this with her putting the nation’s security at risk by using “private” unsecured email accounts on an unauthorized email server, then presenting them to Huma Abedin who had no security clearance. In her ignominy, she destroyed 30,000 of her personal emails. When discovered, she lied about her illicit email system. All the while she was under the Obama administration which I believe showed contempt for our laws and lack of transparency. Next was the Benghazi attack where she called off the security forces and our ambassador was killed (while out biking) and a half dozen of our embassy security forces, as well. Yes, she is lying about this too because neither Congress nor the media have come out with the details.

While in public service, Hillary Clinton has proven to be one of the most corrupt and secretive politicians in recent American history, in my opinion. She continuously dodges responsibility but manages to fill her charity, the Clinton Family Foundation, with gobs of foreign money, Russian, corporate, pay for play and graft, trade bribes and her husband’s generous speaker fees. Two million dollars showed up in the foundation (mysteriously) after her involvement in giving the Russians tons of our enriched unranium. Also, three associates of the Clinton team have been found dead: One from Arkansas and two more recently. I’ve read no further details from the media on any of them. I could write volumes about the episodes of the Clintons.

One recent one to mention is the Steele dossier, which was funded by the loser, Hillary R. Clinton. Yes, our own FBI gave the British spy, Steele, some money, too. I won’t get into what George Soros did. Yes Soros’s OSF foundation is so well-funded and so radically left it is undermining our own government policies domestically and overseas, like in Albania, Mexico, etc. He is basically funding the Guatemala caravans to illegally immigrate into the United States. He wants open borders. As a billionaire, Soros is able to fund some of his missions plus use taxpayer dollars via grant money. That is not hard when you have 21 high ranking U.S. government officials allied to you. There is no more to it. A lot of subversive action is coming from holdovers from the Obama administration because Trump did not know all the rotten apples in the swamp. There were more spurious officials than virulent ones, I believe.

For today, we must not forget Andrew Weissman who gave $4,000 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign because, I believe, he hates Trump just like all the other Democrats on the Mueller team, 17 of them. Yes, Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation cost the American taxpayer a million dollars per day and lasted two years, but what did they find? They found that the Steele dossier was started and funded by Hillary to undermine Trump’s election campaign, and they found Obama’s deep state affiliated also, I believe. Just recently, Obama bought a house not far from the White House for $18 million. On his salary of $400,000, where do you think he got the money? Now, Trump finds his acting attorney general Sally Yates won’t follow his orders to enforce his travel ban.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. As my heading says, “Not so bad.” That is not true. No, it is pure ugly and President Trump has led our United States like no one else could. “Make America Great Again” is not a bad idea.

Alan Cohick

Cogan Station


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