Objective coding

Most of the cultural conflicts found in our society today are rooted in the (often unacknowledged) core debate over the objective or subjective nature of morality. Traditional religious-minded people presume an objective absolute standard (God) of truth and virtue by which all human beings (and human laws and policies) are measured and judged. On the contrary, progressive-minded naturalists presume no intrinsic objective standard by which human beings, laws, and policies are to be measured and judged. Since they interpret the laws and morals of society arising from the subjective construction of mere human minds, progressive naturalists do not hesitate to tinker and change the rusty outmoded standards of the past to fit the new “evolving” fashions of the present day.

Findings in biology prove that the subjective presumptions of progressive naturalists are objectively wrong.

Since the late 19th century, when Charles Darwin proposed that all life evolved through random unguided natural adaptations, scientists discovered DNA to be a code. Unlike naturally arising patterns (like snowflakes) that carry no information and have no symbolic meaning, DNA is a woven coded language storing and passing on deep and detailed messages and meaning. Never have codes been observed to randomly arise in nature. From Sanskrit to smoke signals to Hebrew to Latin to telegraphs to computer programs to DNA, every code implies an intelligence (and a purpose).

It is from an intelligence that all information, principles, laws, standards, and morals derive. Just as the principles of mathematics and the laws of physics can be evaluated and understood objectively by reasonable minds, so too can the enduring natural laws of morality be evaluated and understood.



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