People make mistakes

After reading everything in the paper, I’ve come to the conclusion that City Council is out to get the Mayor. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not his biggest fan and I have not liked a lot of things he’s done over the years, but people make mistakes.

Yes, the Mayor could have opted to fix the things that are wrong in City Hall, but do you think you could have gotten past City Council? I couldn’t. If there is and has been enough money to fix what is wrong there, then why weren’t they fixed? If the building falls into some disrepair, then it is time to repair what is needed, not to move to another place!

The taxpayers know that City Hall is an historic building. I’m sure we can’t afford to just dump every building and move into a different place as soon as we experience problems. I’m surprised that anybody thinks we should.

The city has so much going for it and we need to preserve everything we have at the present time and for always. What is City Council planning on doing with the old building? Just toss it to the wind?

Gretchen H. Kennedy



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