Please people, unite

Once again President Trump is attacked for who he is and again threatened with impeachment, all because he made an inquiry to the leader of the Ukraine about Vice President Biden’s son’s business endeavors. Don’t the Democrats realize that if everything is legal and appropriate, they have nothing to be concerned about? If anyone should be angry for being picked on for petty nonsense, it should be Trump and his family. I would personally love to know just how many days, not to mention hours, this man has had to endure harassment and yet has accomplished what he has with all the distractions and accusations doled out by the never-ceasing Democrats.

One has to admit the president has the strength and stamina it takes to run a great country. It makes me sad and a little frightened to witness how determined this group of people is and to what length the Democrats are willing to go to destroy one human being and his family. If they are so hell-bent on destroying one small group of people for defending their country, can anyone imagine if the Democrats get in power? Who else might they try to destroy for maybe thinking differently than the way they think or believe?

As far as Iran and the president claiming “We’re locked and loaded,” it’s called shock, anger, frustration, fear. Given time, cooler heads prevail. Clearer thinking appears. I fear that if the Democrats were in office we’d be at war with Iran. They would move forward too fast without knowing the complete, true facts. There is an old saying, “Fools rush in where wise men fear to tread.” Don’t mistake cowardice with caution and common sense.

What we need for the protection and safety of our country and our people is for the Democrats to join the Republicans, and work together as it should be no matter who is president or in any governmental office. Join together. After all, we are the United States of America, not the Divided Government Nation of America! Do we or can we really risk everything our Forefathers fought and died for? Think about it. Expose the whistleblower!

Katherine Archer Slaybaugh Shipe



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