As I sit here watching the leaves fall from the trees, I am saddened by the end of summer. Another thing that saddens me is the death of the Republican Party. This is the party that felt that oral sex by a President with an intern in the White House was an impeachable offense. What does Donald Trump have to do to get the Republicans to realize what in my opinion is a lawless President? Maybe if he appointed a liberal judge to the Supreme Court? Maybe if he closed loopholes on corporate taxes? Maybe if he reunited immigrant children with their parents? Maybe if he withheld Congressional funding to a country that was invaded by Russia in order to get them to investigate a political rival?

Donald Trump is not going to be President forever and then there will be a reckoning. Whether it is next January (unlikely with the spineless Republicans in the Senate), January 2021, or January 2025, sooner or later (hopefully sooner) I believe we will be rid of this charlatan. Then what is left of the Republican Party will realize that they have been duped. At this point the party of Abraham Lincoln will realize that Donald Trump had hijacked their party and, in my opinion, their souls.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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