Republican Senators put party before country

I suppose it’s a time and money saver to make up one’s mind before any facts are in, but it also seems traitorous. Senate Republicans promise to quash any articles of impeachment that get by the house. They claim there is no grounds for impeachment.

The least offensive thing one can say about someone who makes up his or her mind before any investigation has begun is that he or she is stupid. If the Republican senators are deciding without facts, they are stupid.

If, as seems more likely, they are vowing to exonerate the president despite knowing that he has committed multiple infractions of the law, they are placing party above the nation. They are practicing treachery themselves.

They are warning the Democrats about dire consequences before the investigation has begun because they are afraid of what the investigation will reveal. They have been covering for this corrupt administration. They don’t want the American people to get a glimpse of their disloyalty to the constitution, the flag and the American people.

Pat Toomey is an embarrassment to Pennsylvania. We have to work harder to get that protoplasmic puddle out of the senate and out of government completely. Pennsylvania deserves better.

Dan Mason


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom