Slaughter for mayor

It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a great candidate such as Derek Slaughter running for the office of mayor in the City of Williamsport. I am a Republican, resident and a taxpayer and I am a little perturbed about people who feel the need to chime in on a city election when they don’t pay taxes in our city.

Mr. Slaughter is very knowledgeable about the needs of our city and he is a candidate for the taxpayers. He has first-hand knowledge and is well liked by city employees. He has the best interest of the citizens in mind always. His campaign is for transparency and efficiency in the city. He is also involved in the community on projects and wants to make Williamsport a better place for people to want to come and live here.

I, too, like the other people who wrote in, have done my research on the best candidate for the position. Mr. Beiter is a nice man, but he is a salesman, and in this case, we will be sold short if you don’t vote for Mr. Slaughter.

Cherie Hrapowicki


Submitted via email


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