Sniff the air

Although Donald Trump continually criticizes Amazon, you can still purchase Trump-licensed products on their site. Trump Success Deodorant for Men ($7.25); Trump Success Toilette Spray for Men ($19.49); and Trump Success Cologne for Men ($20.95). Trump could apply the entire contents of each on himself and it still wouldn’t hide the smell of corruption and dishonesty that emanates from him. And the stench keeps getting stronger as he continues to abuse the power of the office.

How many times in the past three years has Trump blared that Mexico will pay for the wall? Literally dozens, maybe hundreds. But it is taxpayer money that is paying for what minimal miles of wall are currently being mostly repaired rather than built. Relying on a bogus declaration of a “national emergency” Trump has diverted over $300 million from FEMA to toward the wall costs. He has diverted almost $4 billion from the national defense budget toward the wall as well. These are U.S. dollars, not Pesos.

How many times have we heard Trump listlessly claim he believes in clean air and water? I mean, what else can he say; that he doesn’t? Yet his administration is in the process of rolling back 24 regulations meant to improve air pollution and seven regulations meant to improve water quality.

How many times has Trump used his public office for monetary gain at his hotels, golf courses, and resorts? He continues to promote them all when given the opportunity.

Now, Trump, sensing re-election vulnerability in 2020, openly admitted asking a favor of a foreign government. In conjunction with surreptitiously delaying release of Congressionally approved money and military aid to Ukraine (that was urgently needed), Trump urged and cajoled the President of Ukraine repeatedly to investigate a political opponent. An opponent who was leading him in the polls. In essence, Trump hoped the end result of this favor could help him win the next election. Using the power of his office, Trump suggested multiple times to the president of Ukraine that he should work with his personal attorney (Guiliani) or he should contact his Attorney General (Barr) to help this effort to move forward, I believe. “Play Ball” with me and I’ll give you an Oval Office photo op and some military hardware. No Biden corruption was discovered.

Then Trump’s phalanx of lawyers attempted to begin the cover-up, in my opinion, by concealing the trail of these discussions in the alternative TE file (Too Embarrassing). Not where they would normally be cataloged.

Truth and facts matter — except in the mind of Donald Trump. His abuse of power knows no depth, I believe. He sought foreign interference in the 2020 election. It’s not complicated. It’s in the documents. In plain sight. In black and white. The stench is overpowering.

Kudos to the whistle blower.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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