Defending Science

They call me a science denier. That’s ironic considering that most of the people saying that are scientifically illiterate. Their view of science is much like what they claim is the Christian view of God. They worship science because someone told them to believe. They have no first-hand knowledge of science and have no plan to obtain such knowledge. They are content to blindly follow the great unseen scientist preached by their favorite politician or show business personality.

The limited amount of data supporting man-made climate change was long ago shown to be fraudulent, and the data that is real was twisted through logical fallacies to convince those unfamiliar with the rules of data analysis that the world is coming to an end.

Data is no longer being offered to support this discredited theory; we get only an endless string of dire predictions aimed at scaring the public, with children being the main target. Our schools are filled with children who are frightened to death that the planet won’t support life by the time they are adults, and these terrified children are then used as proof the problem is real. What a horrible form of child abuse.

The intention is to convince people to give government more power and money. The beauty of this plan is that if people give them the power, and catastrophe does not strike, they will claim government saved us. Most people won’t recognize the threat was not real.

Their problem; a growing number of people are resisting the illusion. Even the revered scientists are abandoning the hoax in large numbers in hopes of saving whatever is left of their credibility as the conspiracy falls apart.

No, I am not a science denier. I am skeptical of a theory which is not adequately supported by fact. I require data, not scary predictions, to be convinced. I’m open to new ideas. I’m not open to blind faith in something just because Al Gore calls it science.

Paul Rinker


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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