The Sunday letters had some very thoughtful and insightful letters but two of the letters made me laugh out loud. One letter suggests that Hillary Clinton will run again. Are the Trump supporters so desperate that they are willing Hillary to run again against Trump? Democrats have more than enough qualified candidates to choose from to defeat Trump, several of them women.

The second letter gave an experiment to demonstrate how ridiculous the polar ice caps melting will cause sea rise. Here is how the experiment is done: add four cubes of ice to a glass then fill with water and mark where the water line is. The result is there will be no change. No kidding!

The problem with the experiment is that the writer has it all wrong. The melting ice caps are being added to an ocean already filled with water. So the experiment should be to fill a glass with water, then mark the water level on the glass and then add four ice cubes and see what happens when the ice has melted.

When the ice sheets receded at the end of the Ice Age, exposed land areas along coastal areas disappeared all over the world. You are adding ice to the ocean, not ocean to the ice.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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