Police protection and storm water

A short while ago, DuBoistown had a special meeting on the possibility of disbanding our part-time police force and contracting South Williamsport to provide full-time coverage. The cost benefits are there, response time is there, but some people want to keep the status quo because “we can always rely on the state police” for emergencies. This was quantified when the Turkey Hill market had an incident in which it took over half an hour for the state police to arrive. Had not some patrons been able to subdue this guy, it is not hard to imagine what could have happened. It has also been said that we should be autonomous with regard to our police department because it has always been this way.

Traditions are great in the home and with family, but sooner or later reality sets in.

The sewer authority has partnered DuBoistown and South Williamsport to save money now and in the future. Our town security should be given the same consideration. We are looking at police car repairs and replacement and rising costs of manpower, training and insurances. The school district has already raised the tax millage for 2020. The sewer costs and storm water costs are going up and some folks think that it is a good idea that we keep going the same way it has always been.

South Williamsport has stated that they can provide full-time coverage for less cost than we are now paying for part-time coverage. I believe that progress, consolidation and saving money should be akin to the changing times. To be against it could possibly mean that there is something else going on.

Ken Berninger


Submitted via email


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