Responsible hospitals

An interesting editorial opinion titled “Politicians sell out patients” by Betsy McCaughey, a Creators Syndicate columnist, was rather upsetting to read. Our health care is in crisis with medications, hospital tests, doctor visits as well as admission and stay costs rising. As people age, who will be able to honestly afford having any health issues? One big topic Ms. McCaughey brought up was the cleanliness of hospitals. One example she used was the New York state hospitals. They are rated the worst due to the Greater New York Hospital Association, which has given more than $5 million to state politicians and their parties. The association also donated over $1 million to a Democratic party account controlled by now Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The quid pro quo comes from hiking Medical reimbursement rates to the tune of $140 million, because the association’s president enjoys an annual income of $8 million.

Hospitals are often checked (required) for infection levels and to release data on staph and other infections routinely, but from this column, no one releases any information on the latest super-killer bug, candid auras (which if I am correct is also known as flesh-eating bacteria.) There is a committee formed to aid in the reduction of infection-caused deaths which recently filed a Freedom of Information law request, though as of this letter, the committee has heard nothing back. Sadly, other states have had similar requests such as New Jersey, Illinois, Florida, Maryland, Texas and Massachusetts. So far, no response. Whenever small hospitals begin to grow and expand as well as advance into more high-tech projects, they somehow seem to lose sight as to the very reason they were brought into existence in the first place.

It appears that these and possibly many more states are more concerned about hospital business dieing than human beings dieing. We need to be more mindful and aware of who is taking care of whom.

Katherine Archer Slaybaugh Shipe

Old Lycoming Township


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