Thank you for your excellent gun article

As both a military veteran and retired federal lawman, I was encouraged by your Nov. 11 Op-Ed article, “Gun grabbers misleading us,” by Walter E. Williams. Mr. Williams stated all the right arguments why the “gun grabbers” are wrong. Again, thank you for printing everything I know is true from 26 years carrying a federal badge.

I hope many citizens read the above mentioned article and realize the “gun grabbers” are being very dishonest. It always seems it is good to be “doing something” about the alleged gun problem and I would question what good any gun ban will, or could, do? I would ask the “gun grabbers” why any criminal or mentally unbalanced potential mass shooter would comply with their gun ban? Please provide any Footnote for anticipated success? I know the only way to disarm criminals is to place them in handcuffs and then pat them down and remove any gun they were carrying without a carry permit! In my experience, the existing gun control laws never disarmed any of my arrestees! I did that on a one-to-one basis.

Our Founding Fathers were the best of our nation and wrote our Constitution knowing how they had just emerged from tyranny. The first Ten Amendments to our Constitution are the Bill Of Rights, which were required by the ratifying states, contingent upon their support. I cannot understand how any Democratic candidate can say, “We will confiscate your guns.” Isn’t that what the British troops tried to do on April 19, 1775, at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts?

I am not sure the Bill Of Rights can be amended since all are personal rights demanded by the original 13 colonies back when the Constitution was adopted. If the Second Amendment can be expunged, will the Right to Free Speech, Trial by Jury, or any other citizen rights be far behind?

Ron Benjamin


Submitted via email


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