Trump talks truth to tyranny

The most persistent and credible complaint against Trump is his un-presidential behavior. Complaints of collusion and obstruction post-Mueller are, of course, no longer credible, though they incredibly persist. But Trump talk remains troublesome. Every day Trump communicates forcefully in clear and direct English, especially on Twitter. Many Republicans say they can’t vote for Trump because of this indiscretion. A president must be presidential. It’s a part of the job description!

We agree. Informal, familiar, and unpremeditated speech in public is un-presidential given all past American precedents. Of course, most or all presidents spoke with vigor, vulgarity, and even vindictiveness in private. Unfortunately we now possess a contradictory technology — private public social media — which confuses private informality with public discretion. But technology is still no excuse for uncouth public behavior.

But now at the Minneapolis rally we heard something really startling from Trump. Trump wasn’t being just un-presidential. He wasn’t being presidential at all! Trump was speaking as just one American citizen to others. And Trump the citizen, born with the universal rights and dignities conferred on all Americans since the Founding, couldn’t believe the treatment he’s been getting in his own homeland. That treatment began within minutes of the oath of office with calls for his impeachment. “How could this be happening in America!?” was Trump’s incredulous question to his fellow Americans. The pathetically dangerous answers are, apparently, demented losers and quiet coups. But these explanations are so un-American they still await proof — forthcoming shortly we expect — from Barr, Durham, and Horowitz. Meanwhile, Trump recently in Minneapolis proceeded to act like any embattled but honest American. He attacked his attackers back! And then he mocked and derided them robustly to the cheers of his fellow sympathetic citizens.

The un-American treatment of Trump gives pause to many Americans, especially honest Democrats. Democrats are told daily that their party stands for the truth. But now every day they hear nothing but fabricated anti-Trump rants, one after another. Russia collusion! Or obstruction of justice! Or a Ukrainian phone call! Or abandoning the Kurds! Or something! Madness! Anything! “We have a list!” Pelosi proclaims. “Something will eventually work with the citizens!” And fool them? “Let us pray!”

Behind this incredibly malignant political noise, good citizens of all parties ominously hear something else. If the President of the United States — and a billionaire at that — can be so incessantly harassed without relief, they wonder: “What would happen to us, Joe and Jane Normal Citizen, if Trump’s abusers were in power, and then someone anonymously reported to them that we’d said something sometime about something somewhere which someone somehow said is inappropriate? What would happen to our lives, our families, our savings, our happiness, and our sanity?” They already know the answer to that, of course. They’d be ground down until they capitulated and confessed their crimes. It’s the old socialist method of “truth and justice” used by Stalin and his government thugs in Russia. But it doesn’t work on Trump in America.

Trump isn’t bullied by tyrants’ tactics. But then, of course, Americans are experienced in the techniques of liberty. America got its start by chasing tyranny from its shores. And now, as honest citizens, Democrat and Republican alike, we can see in Trump that timeless Revolutionary model renewed by which we can live our lives as proud, strong, and free Americans, and chase from power those who hate America. A good American not only speaks truth to power, he or she speaks the truth loud and clear straight in the face of despotism. In 1776 the English said that straight speech wasn’t cricket. They were right. And it isn’t socialism now either.

And speaking of the people’s free speech delivered loud and clear in public, at the recent Williamsport airport rally, Trump asked the good gathered citizens whether they preferred the somewhat shopworn motto, “Make America Great Again,” or the newer, “Keep America Great.” The newer motto won by a majority vote as did Trump. But we think Trump and America can do better than that somewhat listless and un-progressive made-over motto. Together we hard-working and freedom-loving Americans can “Make America Even Greater!”

Robert Jacques

James Stuchell


Submitted via email


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