About City Hall

I read your editorial today and while I see your point of view, I think this deal with the much-needed City Hall repairs is getting to the point of comedy! It would cost more to build a new building large enough to accommodate the different offices of City Hall and the Police Department. Where did Council think the police department should go? Or were they just going to put them out on the street? I believe that Mayor Campana said that there is enough money for the repairs, didn’t he?

We have to help the elderly and the handicapped as well as preserve our history in this county. Lycoming County is about history. So many things have transpired here and we must preserve everything instead of letting it all go down the drain.

To City Council: Please, please do your best to preserve our city and make the necessary repairs needed on City Hall. Also, it won’t hurt any of you to be sure to try to get along with the Mayor’s office instead of all the bickering that has gone on in the past.

Gretchen H. Kennedy



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