Bettering the environment

Having recently toured our Lycoming County landfill and recycling facilities, learning of a local company with nationwide and global ties, commitment to sustainability (recycling, reusing, composting) is rewarding.

Bimbo Bakeries USA (Grupo) will be bettering the environment and reducing landfill waste with their packaging partnership with TerraCycle. They are putting their plan into action.

As a conscientious consumer and environmental justice proponent who reuses as often as possible before recycling and composts much household waste, TerraCycle is one more step, involving mail return.

TerraCycle is a broad-based social enterprise for hard-to-recycle waste streams. It involves a large category of specific brands which can be returned by boxed mail with free shipping. Participants redeem points measured by weight. These points can be directed to charities of choice or cashed and donated. TerraCycle recovers 97 percent of collected waste.

I encourage researching the TerraCycle programs and beginning the New Year as Bimbo Bakeries is doing. The Earth thanks you too.

Gail Landers



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