Giving during the holiday seasons and beyond

During the holiday season and beyond, we should be doing more for our community and for the people of our towns and cities to help those in need. We should lend a helping hand to those who need help. We shouldn’t just think about ourselves but we should think about those less fortunate at this time. You should help those and we should be there for those who are down and out at this time and throughout the year because you never know who you could save or who you will be there for.

Some people at this time get depressed and suicidal, start drinking a lot, and we need to be there for them and help them and guide them and direct them in the right path. Pray for them, help them and fill them with love and compassion. We need to open their hearts to be able to forgive and to be able to forgive themselves and to help them to love themselves. We need to give them the tools to be able to help themselves so that one day they would be able to help others who come along who struggled or struggle the way they do. We need to be more respectful and more kind and more gentle to those who suffer with mental illness or who are homeless or who are down on their luck. We need not to be judgmental and we need not to be pointing fingers or suggesting that they’re homeless because of certain things because none of us have been in their shoes. Until we have been, then we need to stop judging but let’s help them by giving them a bite to eat, by taking them to the soup kitchen, by giving them a shirt, by giving them a warm place to live, by taking them to go get a jacket or a pair of shoes or a shower, or helping them to get a job or helping them to do a resume or helping them to get back on their feet or leading them to a psychiatrist or to a doctor or just someone that can further help them if you can’t …

Think about what you could do for someone besides just thinking about yourself.

Benjamin Delp


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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